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All services are available throughout the entire SF Bay Area.

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Who We Are

Joubert and his team are home care professionals who have been assisting homeowners in Contra Costa County, as well as other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

This team of professionals truly cares about the tasks they are assigned and produce their best work every time.

Joubert is very detail-oriented, to the point where he ensures that all his chemicals and paints -- as well as the ones you request he uses -- leave no hazardous residues. This is respect for your home, children, and pets at its finest!

What We Offer

Our services are available throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
We welcome you to contact us if you need a service that isn't listed below.

BBQ Catering

Quality is our top priority. We are fully capable of catering casual and fancy events, including receptions, company picnics, holiday events and graduation parties. We always listen carefully to your requests so that your event is perfect and your budget remains intact.

House Cleaning

Our maid service will impress you. We will transform your house into the spotless dream home others will admire. And we do it so quickly, that no one will ever know we came! Though quality comes standard, we offer a variety of affordable plans to meet your needs.

Indoor & Outdoor Painting

Painting's effect on mood and curb appeal is often underestimated. We value and utilize its power to redefine your home's interior and exterior walls. We'll work with you to choose appealing color palettes until your home looks and feels just right to you.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair

We'll carefully remove all leaves and debris from your roof and gutters. We then check your gutter system for leaks and tears and repair them. This ensures protection for your home from greater complications down the road.

General Handyman

We get the job done. Period. There is never a task too big or too little. Our team of technicians have years of experience in various trades, accumulating a vast range of craftsman knowledge. The appropriate tools are used in order to complete the job swiftly, efficiently, and cleanly.

Gardening & Landscaping

Many of us often dream of having beautiful gardens or tropical front yards; however, most of us also don't have the know-how or time to do make these dreams a reality. Let us help you turn your yard into a masterpiece! We have the time, know-how, and patience in order to be successful.

Power Washing

We use quality machines with adjustable PSI power to ensure an amazing clean while preserving the surface integrity of your flooring, wall, or object.

Window Washing

Maintaining spotless windows is crucial for aesthetic purposes, but it's also a great way to quickly enhance the value of your property. More often than not, glass stains occur when regular cleaning isn't performed. The remedies for stain removal can be costly, whether it entails restoration or complete glass replacement. Save yourself a buck and allow us to maintain your windows' health.

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